Playlist: “Jam Sauce”

Your one-stop-shop playlist for the best dance and party music, that flows from start to finish.

Jam Sauce is a playlist I’ve been working on since the days of my first office job. In my excessive amounts of free time, I would poke around Spotify for the best EDM, remixes, and pop songs, throwing them into a monster playlist that has taken many shapes and forms over time. One goal has remained constant, though: The playlist should only contain the hottest jams available, at all times, and it should flow seamlessly from start to finish. I continue to update the flow and composition of the playlist on a weekly, if not daily basis, so if you follow it you’ll get a constant refresh of music.

Turn off shuffle, press play, and absorb yourself in the culmination of hundreds (no joke) of hours of editing and organizing to produce this playlist full of infectious songs across multiple genres:

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