Louis The Child & Whethan Just Dropped A New EP Together #LISTEN

Listen to the brand-new EP “Honey”, a collaboration between Chicago-based DJs Louis The Child and Whethan.

Whethan and Louis the Child both teased “something big coming” yesterday on Twitter, and today dropped new collaborative work on SoundCloud around 1:30PM EST this afternoon. The EP, titled “Honey”, is as delicious as the title suggests.

The atmospheric synth beats that open the album are characteristically familiar and refreshing at the same time, and the lack of any lyrics truly puts the focus on the production capabilities of these young EDM protégés. For listeners familiar with these two acts, you’ll probably be able to pick out which albums feature more influence from LTC and which ones feel more “Whethan”-like, which isn’t a bad thing. It gives a sense that the two work well together and that this won’t be the last collaboration we hear from the three of them. The mixtape works its into new territories at times, too, with songs like “Tengo Mas” which, as its title suggests, carries a latin vibe – something neither Louis The Child or Whethan has focused much of their energy on.

Listen to the EP in the SoundCloud player below, and download the EP for free at the following link: https://www.toneden.io/louisthechild/post/louis-the-child-whethan-honey

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