Connor Cook

Introducing Early Bird Indie Beat Writer, Connor Cook

Get some background on Early Bird Music’s newest beat writer, Connor Cook.

Hey everyone!

I’m truly excited to join Early Bird as the first dedicated indie beat writer on the site. In particular, I’ll spend my days digging through the bargain bin of indie-pop bangers you’ve never heard of, for absolutely zero gratification other than the discovery itself. I do all I can to consistently discover new indie music that takes your mind to a new place, not only melodically but lyrically as well.

The music I highlight typically features strong production talent (usually electronic), and preferably work produced by the artist themselves. These songs come from relatively (or entirely) undiscovered artists (read: <100,000 monthly unique listeners on Spotify) that bring a new sound to the music scene. When you listen to my highlighted songs, the reaction “How have I never heard this before? How has no one ever heard this before!” is exactly what I’m aiming to evoke. If you then ask, “Where do you find all this music?”…well, I don’t sit at home and listen to Frozen and Moana all day, that’s for sure.

Jokes aside, while a matter of opinion, please feel free to be vocal about your favorite music and share your favorite songs or music tips in the comments & Contact sections.  Most of these entries will come in the form of reviews of single songs, but I’m sure there will be more than a few lists of EPs and albums, with short artist bios. You can find all of my content under the Featured>Indie Beat section of the site.

I’m looking forward to you joining me as we get our hands a little dirty, digging for the newest indie music to hit the market. I hope you enjoy and discover some new music along the way!

Feel free to follow my personal Spotify, where you will be able to find all of these tunes and so many more:

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