An Inside Look At The Creation of Mothica’s New Single “Lovetalk” #REVIEW

Check out our review of Mothica’s new song “Lovetalk” and her own breakdown of the song’s development.

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to reminisce about the loves that never loved us back.”

Well, at least that’s the notion we walked away with after listening to Mothica’s latest single, “Lovetalk”, which released at midnight Tuesday across all streaming platforms.

The introspective, piano-backed ballad gives off “Fifty Shades of Grey” vibes, but is noticeably absent from the recently released “Fifty Shades Freed” Soundtrack, which came out this past Friday. We’re scratching our heads wondering why no one ever asked Mothica to put on for the soundtrack, since the song appears to be a natural fit. The driving beat is bone-chilling, with Mothica’s atmospheric vocals that cross somewhere between Halsey and a down-tempo VÉRITÉ. A step away from Mothica’s typical electronic backtracks, the piano background and bass beats provide depth to the song without compromising the intimacy of the lyrics.

“If your love could talk
What would it say? (Ayy) 
If your love could talk
What would it say? (Ayy)”

“You only call me when I’m on your mind
But when I need you, you don’t have the time
If your love could talk
Would it have much to say? No…”

Yesterday on Snapchat, Mothica recorded a long story where she shared original recordings during the making of “Lovetalk”, providing commentary on the process and the final results of the song. She was kind enough to send the story videos over to Early Bird. We made a highlight of the story’s best moments – watch the exclusive video reel below:

You can follow Mothica on Snapchat @mothica.

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