Song of the Day: “Warm Fire Lightning (Flip)” by Ninajirachi #Review

Today’s song of the day was so good that I decided to give it a full review. Read more inside.

“Warm Fire Lightning (Flip)” is the latest song from Ninajirachi, the 18 year-old Australian future bass wunderkind. It’s also Early Bird’s song of the day.

Ninajirachi may be new to the scene, but the second I discovered her song on Spotify’s “Metropolis” playlist, I was hooked. When I find new artists or songs that I love, I immediately correct course to head down the rabbit hole of their artist page, to discover what else I might find. On my dig, I found “Same World” and her remix of “Waste Time” by Kilter, but I kept coming back to “Warm Fire Lightning” as the song that invaded my Monday. I don’t know how many times I’ve played it today, but it’s an embarrassing amount. Actually, check that – I’m not embarrassed. I loved it so much that I sent it to ten different friends who I consider to be my “music appreciation dream team”. The last time I jammed to a song like this and said “everyone’s gotta know about this” was Lauv’s “I Like Me Better”, in spring of last year.

The original song, “Warm Fire Lightning” was performed by Satellite Mode, a New York based indie electro-pop duo. Listen to the original:

Ninajirachi took it, and as the title suggests, flipped that song on its head, dropped the beats per minute, added more percussion and threw down a drop, rather than the Florence A.T.M.-esque atmospheric driving beat present in the original. With less than 7,000 streams, “Warm Fire Lightning (Flip)” is the definition of what an Early Bird discovery ideally looks like. Needless to say, I’m excited I found it, and I am impressed. So much, in fact, that I’ll be catching up with Nina this Wednesday for an exclusive interview. Stay tuned for the feature.

Ninajirachi has around 3,000 followers on SoundCloud and 184k monthly listeners globally on Spotify.

Check out “Warm Fire Lightning (Flip)” and the more by Ninajirachi:
“Warm Fire Lightning (Flip)” on Spotify:


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