Song of the Day: “Fake Magic” by Peking Duk #REVIEW

Click to read our review of today’s song of the day, “Fake Magic” by Australian production duo Peking Duk.

Today’s song of the day, “Fake Magic” is courtesy of Peking Duk, the ARIA-award winning electronic production duo hailing from Australia. The song, a collaboration that brought AlunaGeorge’s Aluna Francis on board, might be the funkiest electronic song in my musical rotation right now. It’s a short, but immensely sweet jam that will have you pressing repeat and kicking yourself for not discovering it when it came out last summer. But, as with the best songs, the beat is timeless; “Fake Magic” doesn’t get tired.

Aided by the incredible vocals of Aluna Francis, “Fake Magic” is an instant feel-good house vibe that incorporates styles of the times while maintaining the classic bit of indie edginess that Peking Duk wears on its music sleeve at all times.

The infectious anthem carries a driving funk beat that builds up through the bridge. For nearly a minute leading into the chorus, Peking Duk let’s your anticipation grow as Aluna teases you with her atmospheric vocals. Once the bridge hits and the percussion audibly disappears, you’re left wondering “When does the bass drop?”

As Aluna belts out the chorus and the classic walking bassline finally gets laid down, you’ll immediately find yourself doing a few of these too, as you bop to the short twenty second chorus:


“Honey, we don’t need no fake magic,
I ain’t being funny

You can’t buy this with paper or plastic
Honey, money only buys you fake magic,
I ain’t no phoney

I’ll take you far away with no tricks”

Peking Duk surprises in the final iteration of the chorus with the addition of a brass section that contributes sonic complexity and a touch of sophistication to the new-wave funk beat, without losing it’s charm as a quick-hitting bop.

Check out the whimsical music video for “Fake Magic”, which includes Peking Duk eating, you guessed it – duck soup.


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