#TGINMF: Best of New Music Friday – 3/9

I scanned all of the new releases this week (no, really, I did) and whittled it down to the best jams from New Music Friday.





Hot Take: EVAN GIIA her smooth voice that’s able to fill a whole room, which mixes perfectly with the electronic beat to create verses that seem almost anthemic. You’d think EVAN GIIA has been singing pop and electronic her whole life – she has the voice of a tenured pro. “WESTWORLD’s” heavy, infectious chorus is characterized by a fluming bass synth, accompanied by lightweight steel drums that top off the chorus with some treble. The song is infinitely catchy and drives the song along to a beat that will get you ready to scoot across a dance floor. Read our full review of “WESTWORLD”.

Hot Take: Sticking in the same lane as Matadora, the guitar drives this song. The beat on this track is heavy and keeps the song very energetic as it moves along. I really enjoy that Sophie goes into her upper register for the pre-chorus, followed by an arpeggio that leads into a dance chorus.

Hot Take: A new direction for Alison Wonderland, this song is much closer to a dance track than her heavy-hitting electronic drops. Incorporating elements of tropical house, Alison Wonderland highlights her vocals on this track rather than blowing it up with electronic synths. The beat is light and jumpy, in a way that makes you want to move.

Hot Take: New to my musical catalogue is JP Saxe, who comes in with an acoustic tune that turns into a nice pop song once it gets past the first verse. His style reminds me of JP Cooper. JP Saxe pulls out some cool acoustics in the second verse that give the song a sense of progression leading into the chorus. The lyrics are relatable and this song is easy to listen to while being modern and not sleepy.

Hot Take: It’s been a while since Mr. Probz put out a song that really struck a cord with me. This song is not a dance song, rather a pop song in a style that reminds us that Mr. Probz is a singer with a unique voice at heart. The beat reminds a lot of Ella Vos, and the song is extremely well mixed and the lyrics are lovely.

Hot Take: One of the best songs of the week, “Your Side of the Bed” is a classic break up song with a modern dance pop beat that is infectious. Loote is known for their progressions, and this song certainly comes to a head once the chorus comes, and she belts the frustrated statement “He’s taking your side of the bed!”. Light vocals + a dancy beat is a way to my heart.

Hot Take: It’s kind of insane that it took this long for The Knocks to hook up with Mark Foster and His People. FTP’s latest album was a perfect transition to dance pop for the group, and The Knocks’ modern disco style is a match made in heaven, combining a walking bass and an atmospheric, “Wingtip”-esque chorus. I’m so glad this song came to be.

Hot Take: The Netherlands puts out great dance music, and DROELOE continues to drop hit after hit that push the boundaries of electronic music. “Many Words” builds on their impressive sound that is complex and compelling. One thing you notice about the Bitbird-signed artist is how well the song builds upon itself. I’m really excited to see DROELOE live on 3/17 at Schimanski in Brooklyn.

Hot Take: It’s hard to believe this song is even by ZHU. The Tame Impala influence is strong here, but the beat is catchy and lightweight. Tame Impala’s vocals are few and far between, but complement the beat in a way that makes this song an easy “background” song that doesn’t demand your full attention, while keeping you tuned-in sonically.

Hot Take: I was turned on to TRACES the night before after a tip from someone at a show, and I wasn’t disappointed when I found his song on New Music Friday the next day. TRACES vocals remind me of a more soulful MAX, and the beat is reminiscent of something you’d expect to hear Blackbear singing on. Yet, all of these are TRACES. I dug deeper into his catalogue and heard more amazing vocals sitting on top of modern R&B beats that highlight his vocal depth. I can’t wait to hear more TRACES in 2018. Put this artist on your radar as someone to watch, ASAP.

Hot Take: I’ve been following Lostboycrow since about 2016, so it was great to see his newest EP, “Traveler: The Third Legend” hit Spotify after three singles in the past six months. “Cindy At The Window” is my favorite from the EP because of the emotion he puts through it. It’s a tale about love and is chill-inducing if you really get into it. Heavy bass tones and his sensual voice capture your full attention.

Hot Take: Holy Balls, this makes me want to take twelve vodka sodas to the face. This is one of the better bangers Logic has put out, and comes straight off of his “Bobby Tarantino II” album, which is chock full of hits. Adding Big Sean to this track was a brilliant decision, as Sean pulls out his 2017 “I Decided.” style, which is some of his best work to date. Logic’s lyrics are impeccable as always.

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