New Music: San Holo Drops “Right Here, Right Now” With Taska Black #SOTD

Just a week after “Dead Inside”, Bitbird artists San Holo and Taska Black release “Right Here, Right Now”. Read Taska Black’s thoughts.

Just a week after releasing his latest single “Dead Inside”, Taska Black teamed up with EDM-heavyweight San Holo to drop “Right Here, Right Now”, the latest single on the Bitbird label to which they both belong. The song is considerably different than “Dead Inside”, which takes a more down-tempo, solemn tone. “Right Here, Right Now” carries a much more optimistic and pop-sensible vibe.

Early Bird caught up with Taska briefly about the new song.

The general feel of “Right Here, Right Now” seems to very much fall in line with Taska Black’s desires to move toward creating music that bridges pop and electronic. He told Early Bird, “Both San and I love pop music and like to find a nice balance between pop and EDM. This song was an opportunity for me to work on something even more pop inspired than I’ve ever done. I’ve got to say, I definitely want to make more of this in the future”.

The inspiration for the song was symbolic in nature, which Taska explained. “The song is about not being able to live in the moment and enjoy the here and now. A big shoutout to San because he came up with this idea and ended up singing the vocals himself!”

With San’s airy vocals and an upbeat melody, the song is a perfect pop anthem to kick off the spring. Check out “Right Here, Right Now” on Spotify, and check out the rest of the TGINMF playlist here

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