Labrinth, Sia, Diplo’s New Supergroup LSD Gets Trippy With “Audio” #Watch

Listen to the newest single “Audio”, from Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo’s new supergroup LSD. Watch the music video, which dropped this morning.

Leave it to Diplo to convince Sia and Labrinth, two of the world’s most renowned do-everything musicians, to form an electro-pop supergroup out of thin air. This isn’t Diplo’s first time pulling a group together – he’s also the man responsible for the internationally-known Major Lazer project, as well as Jack Ü with Skrillex (not to mention his Silk City project with Mark Ronson that’s debuting at Gov Ball). This time feels different, though. Sia is a top-20 singer in the world in terms of music streaming popularity outside of her insanely notable songwriting career, and Labrinth has written and produced with the likes of Rihanna, Ed Sheehan, and The Weeknd.  

Their latest song, “Audio” seems to stem from the songwriting of Sia with her characteristic reverb-filled choruses and with a drop that seems directly influenced by Diplo. The song is not a banger, nor is it a dance hit; it’s a tastefully produced pop song to get your feet wet hearing the three artists mesh their talents together on one track. The song came accompanied by an official music video, which is a four minute acid-trip of a story.

The video follows Diplo and Labrinth through LA, complete with acid-trip worthy graphic elements incorporated throughout the video. There’s also impressive dance choreography featuring a young asian girl in a supermarket parking lot. If Maddie Ziegler’s breakout choreography in Sia’s “Chandelier” music video is any indicator, this young girl is headed for stardom.

Here’s to hoping that LSD is together for more than just a handful of songs, and that we see them really throw themselves at the project – anything from this trio is going to be trendsetting and incredibly well-done.

This is the second song from LSD after their first single “Genius” dropped last Friday.

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