New Music: We’re Flipping Out Over G Flip’s New Single “Killing My Time”

Listen to Aussie multi-instrumentalist and vocalist G Flip’s fresh new single, “Killing My Time”, and read our review.

Australian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist G Flip released a new single today, packaged up with her first single “All About” in the Killing My Time EP.

“Killing My Time” is a pop song written with a beat that transitions back and forth between what’s essentially a stripped moombahton beat and a progressive pop rhythm. G Flip brings her characteristically strong percussion skill (whaddup Jerome) to the song to create emphasis in the rhythm that makes this song an easy listening bop. Her airy vocals are smooth and effortless, with lyrics that are completely relatable:

All you want to do is tease
It’s attention that you need
I haven’t got time
You’re killing my, killing my, killing my

The song is written about a relationship that’s distracting someone from their work or passion; in G Flip’s case, obviously, creating music. We’ve all had times in our lives where we just don’t have the energy or emotional capacity to invest in a relationship, and “Killing My Time” captures it perfectly.

Watch the lyric video:


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