New Music: Pretty Sister Releases Some “Tension” With First Single of 2018

Listen to Pretty Sister’s new single “Tension”, his first new single since 2016.

Pretty Sister dropped his first official single since 2016, “Tension” on Friday across all streaming platforms. The song is a high energy song that’s got heavy synths and a bouncy bass and Pretty Sister’s characteristic high-flying vocals. With “Tension”, Pretty sister really seems to unleash his upper register in what’s bound to be a feel good hit of the summer.

If the single reminds you of the sound of the early 2000’s boy-band explosion, you’re not far off. Listening to the beat, you can pick up on the sound of an early Justin Timberlake with “Senorita” vibes in modern form with “Tension”. In an interview with Early Bird Music, he told us about his affinity for that era of pop music:

“From the time I was born I never really listened to kid stuff. I remember eighth grade, we moved to Canada and we drove from L.A. to Toronto, in a Ford Bronco. My stepdad and I, we bought No Strings Attached (by N*SYNC), I think in a truck stop. And then that was on loop for like four days, and that’s when I was like ‘I love this music, too,’ because it’s heavily R&B influenced.”

Along with the single came a 15 second teaser of the upcoming music video. The teaser truly is a tease, as its flamboyantly luxurious setting and cast of party animals looks to be one hell of a production. The video stars Zak Waters himself alongside pop star Betty Who. The two are close friends and have worked on multiple tracks and albums together collectively, and this video will surely capture their chemistry well. Watch the 15 second teaser video below and check back on Early Bird in the future for the music video:

If “Tension” is any indicator of how Pretty Sister’s second half of the year will go, we can’t wait to see what he puts out next.

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