Interview: Bakermat Discusses Doing His Thing And Pushing the Envelope (Video)

Watch my exclusive interview with Amsterdam DJ Bakermat, where we discuss his musical identity and how his mom factors in to which songs he releases.

Watch my exclusive interview with Amsterdam DJ Bakermat, where we discuss his infectiously happy musical style, the underground Amsterdam house scene, and how his mom is the only person he trusts to give him honest advice about his music. Check out the photo gallery from the show as well, below the interview.

00:16 – Goals with his June Partystarter Tour and going back to the beginning
01:35 – Bakermat’s live show dynamics and how the venue effects his setlist
03:09 – Origin story of Bakermat’s circus jacket
04:07 – His signature sound and musical inspirations
05:15 – Taking four months off from live shows to focus on writing new music
07:02 – “Do Your Thing / Lion” and making music that’s “dirty”
08:31 – Why his music stays timeless and making “mood music”
09:57 – Taking risks with his new music and going against the current
11:01 – Being invested in his fans as opposed to pop radio and critic’s reception
11:55 – How his mom is the test for all of his new music
13:33 – How the underground scene in Amsterdam boosted his visibility

Listen to Bakermat and more on Early Bird’s “Dirty Dancing” playlist:

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