Q&A with Foreign Family Collective Artist and “WESTWORLD” Singer EVAN GIIA

Read my Q&A with EVAN GIIA where she explains her Opera background and how ODESZA picked up “WESTWORLD”.

Emmy Giarrusso, better known as EVAN GIIA, made headlines in March as the first female vocalist to have a record put out by ODESZA’s “Foreign Family Collective”, releasing her breakout single “WESTWORLD”. Now, she can add another notch in the belt as her latest single, “I DON’T LIKE UR FRIENDS” was released on Tuesday, June 19, also under the FFC label.

I caught up with EVAN GIIA before her performance at The Knitting Factory with KASBO and BAYNK, where we discussed her educational background in music and how ODESZA picked up “WESTWORLD” and helped foster its eye-catching music video.

You studied Opera at Berklee [College of Music]. Was it difficult to try and unlearn the singing techniques you acquired in your studies? How has it helped you as a singer?

I use my Opera technique every time I sing. The breath support, diction and foundation that classical training gave me shines through in my music. I am so happy that is where I started.

Tell me a little bit more about your journey to becoming an electronic singer. What were you doing after you graduated?

I don’t like to be called an “electronic” singer as I am trying to find my own genre to fit in. I have been singing my entire life but I started EVAN GIIA about two years ago when I met my boyfriend in Brooklyn. He now goes by MEMBA.

MEMBA does a lot of your production. How did the two of you meet and how has your relationship progressed as musicians as your careers have grown?

MEMBA is made up of my boyfriend, Ishaan, and our friend Will. Nothing is better than creating with the two of them. We have all learned a lot from each other and continue to grow and support each other. I am lucky to have them on my team- we hope to continue making bangers forever!

You’re a member of Foreign Family Collective. How did FFC find out about EVAN GIIA and “WESTWORLD”?

The song was passed along until it reached ODESZA’S ears. They really loved it and called me last summer to ask to sign it. I was beyond excited. I am grateful for the entire FFC team and love working with them.

What’s it been like working with the FFC team and how have they helped you grow as an artist or help boost your visibility?

I can’t think of anything that FFC doesn’t do. They are an incredible team and label. They really care about the artists that they sign. They have given me many opportunities, loads of advice and a new family to lean on.

Where did the idea for your “WESTWORLD” music video come from? Did FFC hook you up with the video director, producer and creatives to come up with the idea for the music video? Or, was that your own doing?

The idea for the “WESTWORLD” video was created over the dinner table. Ishaan (MEMBA) and I thought of the entire idea down to the wardrobe. I am really proud of how it turned out. Our vision was really brought to life.

keep an eye out for the music video for “I Don’t LIKE ur Friends”, which is due out soon under the Foreign Family Collective label.
listen “I DON’T LIKE YOUR FRIENDS” and more from EVAN GIIA on our “This is EVAN GIIA Playlist:




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