Interview: BAYNK Discusses New Record “Be in Love / Years” & US Tour (Updated)

I chatted with BAYNK to discuss his first release of 2018, his US headlining tour, and a newly discovered love of lyric writing.

UPDATED 6/20/18 2:00PM

On May 18th, New Zealand native and LA-based multi-instrumentalist and singer BAYNK released a double A-side single with two tracks, titled “Be in Love / Years”. The two track single is BAYNK’s first release of 2018, and comes directly after the end of his recent tour with KASBO across 10 sold-out US shows. Discussing the release with BAYNK, he told Early Bird that this release is one that’s got him focused on a newly-placed importance in lyric writing, and that he wrote the production to suit the lyrics.

Listen via SoundCloud:

“I was pretty much only producing until last year, when I started getting much more interested in songwriting and lyrics. Both of these songs were the first time that the songs were fully about the lyrics, and I wrote the production to suit the lyrics. I felt that driving, hard, more emotional, summery, bouncy production was just needed.“

When you hear “Be in Love”, you definitely pick up on those bouncy, summery vibes. It’s got a beat that carries the song along and lends itself to live shows as a dancing song that will get the crowd moving. The beautiful thing about the majority of BAYNK’s songs are that they aren’t inherently in-your-face. There is a control, a hesitation to overload them, that keeps his songs scaled back to a level that makes them listenable at any time, event, or location. “Be in Love” is no exception, with its upbeat liveliness, yet restraint. Check out the music video:

With “Years”, listeners get more of BAYNK’s legacy pop/indietronic beats, with his atmospheric vocals, something he’s become accustomed to laying over his songs. The different now is that he’s writing most of his own lyrics, which means more of his music is going to be personally tailored to fit his style and voice exactly how he wants it. Having that full control is something he enjoys and finds fulfilling.

“To now be the person writing the lyrics as well, it makes it a lot easier. As much as I love collaboration, I find being in control of everything much more rewarding and easier to get a grip on what I want to make.”

In noting that these songs are two of the first songs he’s made that truly focus on the lyrics, BAYNK mentioned that their inspirations were close to him, and that it’s taken years of confidence building to feel comfortable spilling his thoughts and feelings out over a track with his name on it. He got even more specific on the individual meanings of both “Be in Love” and “Years”:

“Both the tracks are pretty personal, and both love songs. But I sort of tailored the lyrics so that it wouldn’t be solely about my experience and people would be able to relate to it. “Be in Love” is talking about anyone’s unwillingness to readily fall in love for another out of fear of rejection, or what other people might think. Sort of like, how a particular person might be too cool to fall in love, or really just putting on like they never could or never fully give themselves to someone.”

“On the other hand, “Years” is sort of the closer for that song. It’s fully opening up to someone and realizing that this thing you’ve been avoiding for a really long time is really all you’ve ever wanted, and just one of the most amazing things.”

With “Be in Love / Years”, BAYNK is flexing muscles in his songwriting that are giving him a new affection for the more personal and vulnerable part of creating music, along with his already excellent grasp of production. He went so far as to say that songwriting is almost more preferable to him at this point, saying, “I think I’ll always have a love for strange production and electronic dance songs. But I’m just super interested in songwriting now, more so than production now, almost. So I just want to make the perfect amalgamation of production and lyrical ideas.”

If these two songs are any indication, he’s tying the two together well and is only going to get better as he puts in more time and releases more music.

Alongside the double-single came the announcement of a June headlining tour, stopping in four US cities: New York, Denver, LA, and Washington, DC. Speaking about the tour, which will be his first as the headliner, he was excited about the opportunity to finally design his own shows:

“I’ve been doing a lot of support slots around the US, which have been amazing and I’ve loved them. But headline shows are always so much more special, because the whole vision of how you want your show to look, sound, and feel is totally up to you. So, just being able to decide what sort of lighting, stage layout, and set design I want is a big thing to me. I’ve always looked forward to this since the day I started making music. So it’s one of the highlights of my career, I think, developing a show that’s just fun to be at and is an exciting experience.”

BAYNK will begin his headline tour this Saturday at Rough Trade in Brooklyn. See other tour dates below.


Jun 23 // Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade NYC (SOLD OUT)
Jun 28 // Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
Jun 29 // Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
Jun 30 // Washington, DC @ Flash

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