Interview: Meet Thutmose, Brooklyn’s Hottest New Rapper (Video)

Watch my Q&A with Thutmose, the Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-raised rapper who’s making a name for himself in the historically heavyweight world of New York Hip-Hop.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Thutmose’s family moved to Brooklyn in 2002 after an accidental explosion at a Nigerian high explosives storage facility that burned down a significant portion of Northern Lagos, killing 1,100 people and displacing nearly 20,000 more, including his own family. Ever since then, he’s been surrounded by the culture of hip-hop in the city that made it big. The Brooklyn-based rapper was always set on becoming a musician, and began experimenting with writing and performing at an early age, ultimately finding a knack for rapping at high velocity over rhythmic melodies. Learn more about his background and the impact of his youth on where he is today as an artist, by watching our exclusive video interview below.
BACKGROUND MUSIC: 1) “Summer’s Gone” – NoMBe feat. Thutmose 2) “Karma” – Thutmose feat. Alex Mali 3) “Run Wild” – Thutmose feat. NoMBe
Check out more Thutmose on SoundCloud, including his new single “Say It to My Face” (produced by Tricky Stewart)


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