Preview: Young & Sick Returns to NYC Thursday with Live Show & Gallery

Early Bird previews Young & Sick’s upcoming show at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, which will also feature an art installation.

For Nick van Hofwegen, there’s always been a certain symbiosis between creating music and visual art. According to van Hofwegen, better known by his artistic monicker Young & Sick, his art usually it starts with the music and then the visual aspect follows, allowing him to personify his music and extend the life of his art. “It helps me transpose my audible ideas into visible identities,” he says of creating visual art to coincide with his music. “Making art for the music I put out is a super powerful feeling. Looking after each step of the process is incredible.”

Having created album art and visual assets for festivals, brands and artists alike, Young & Sick is blessed with an ability to truly create, with no real technical or artistic boundaries. He’s designed festival branding for Austin City Limits and New Orleans’ Buku Festival, album artwork for Maroon 5 and Foster the People, and concert posters for Skrillex and Outside Lands. He’s even worked with Pringles, creating a limited edition can. Oh, and, not to mention, his music has been featured in an Apple Watch ad.

Looking at his art, Young & Sick’s style is identifiable: from vibrant contrast colors, the use of faces and bodies as patterns, and a recurring focus on eyes, his art is distinctive. Van Hofwegen believes that strong contrast and intense colors grab the viewer in a strong way, and doesn’t shy away from their use in any medium.

Examples of Young & Sick’s Visual Art

Having lived in New York himself in the past, Young & Sick is no stranger to the Big Apple’s artistic prowess. As the the birthplace of some of the world’s most well known artists, from Lady Gaga, Billy Joel and Madonna to Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, it’s hard to deny New York’s position as one of the leading art capitols of the world. Asked if New York inspires him more than many other cities, Young & Sick replied,”The trains. The hustle. Watching life happen in fast pace is electric.”

Young & Sick will be performing his first show in New York in over three years when he headlines this Thursday night at Elsewhere in Brooklyn. Fans in attendance will get much more than music for the price of admission, though. He’s also bringing with him an art installation, complete with everything from simple visuals, structural/sculptural pieces, branded giveaways, and more.

The last time Young & Sick performed in New York, it was on the back of his eponymous debut album. This time around, he’ll be giving fans an early preview of his upcoming No Static EP, which will hit music & streaming platforms this Friday. Tickets are still available and are only $12, so be sure to pick them up and join us tomorrow night for the show. Opener Stevie Wolf’s set begins at 9:00 PM and Young & Sick will follow.


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