#TGINMF: Best of New Music Friday – 9/7

Check out my top new music picks of this week, featuring Robinson, Sigala, Steve Aoki, Silk City, Just A Gent and much more.

Fall is off to a hot start with an elite week in new music. With more than 60 songs in the initial consideration set for this week, Early Bird narrowed down the list to a top 12, featuring new music from Robinson, Sigala, Silk City, Jeremy Zucker, Noah Cyrus + Gallant, and more!

As I mentioned, there were a ton of other great tunes this week that didn’t make the TGINMF list, but are still listen-worthy – You can find the rest of those finds in Early Bird’s Fresh Finds Roundup playlist.

Listen to the playlist in the player below, which links to all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and SoundCloud. You can save the playlist or individual songs directly to your library through the player.

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TGINMF – 9/7:

This week’s NMF “All-Star” is “Medicine” by Robinson:

Check out the best new music from last month:

TGINMF – Best of August

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