#LISTEN: Petit Biscuit Shows A New Side of His Sound with “Suffer | Safe”

Petit Biscuit surprised fans on Wednesday with two new tracks, “Suffer” and “Safe”, ahead of the US & Canada leg of his global Presence Tour. The French DJ wunderkind has been touring since February supporting his new album, “Presence” which came out in November 2017.

“Suffer | Safe” features the darker side of Petit Biscuit’s masterful musical production, one that he has demonstrated at his live shows this year, but has yet to release on music platforms. The deeper future-bass tone of the new tracks add a new level of energy to his repertoire, something that helps show the ongoing evolution of Petit Biscuit as a recording artist and producer as he continues to mold a distinctive style of his own.

Listen to his new tracks below:

Live performance footage of similar production as “Suffer”:

Petit Biscuit will be performing live at Terminal 5 in Manhattan on October 26, and tickets are still available.


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