#TGINMF: Best of New Music Friday – 10/12

This week’s playlist fetaures hits from Petit Biscuit, COIN, Little Mix, Mike Perry, Shoffy and more – click to view this week’s best new music.

Listen to the TGINMF playlist in the player below, which links to all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and SoundCloud. You can save the playlist or individual songs directly to your library through the player. Below the initial playlist you’ll find the playlist for TGINMF – Best of October and our TGINMF All-Stars (Best of 2018) playlist, of which this week’s All-Star is “Suffer” by Petit Biscuit.

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TGINMF – 10/12:

This week’s All-Star is “Suffer” by Petit Biscuit:

There were a ton of other great tunes this week that didn’t make the TGINMF list, but are still listen-worthy – You can find the rest of those finds in Early Bird’s NMF Consideration playlist.

October’s best new music:

Still want more new music? Check out the best new music from last month:

TGINMF – Best of September:

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