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Highlights: Hippo Campus @ Terminal 5

Highlights from Hippo Campus’ sold-out show at Terminal 5 on Friday night.

When Hippo Campus come to town, they’re usually treated to sold-out shows with crowds that sing along to every word – that’s standard at this point in their journey. For their latest trip to the Big Apple, though, they were greeted with what may have been their biggest NYC crowd yet. On Friday night, Terminal 5 was ready to burst even before the first act, The Districts, made it on to the stage at 8pm sharp. Crowds lined the walls to get a good spot for the eventual headliners, and were treated in return with the best of Hippo Campus, new and old.

The Minnesota band’s latest album, Bambi, released on September 28 features a newer sound utilizing more synth while still retaining the signature Hippo Campus Sound. The band kicked off their sold-out show featuring the new sound out of the gate, playing the title track “Bambi” which has nearly 4M plays since its release.

From there on it was a non-stop selection of Hippo Campus hits, and the crowd sang along the entire way. Check out the gallery from Friday below and listen to the new album:

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