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Highlights: Sir Sly @ Warsaw

Click to view a recap & photo highlights from Sir Sly’s self-described “best show ever in New York”

Sir Sly came to Williamsburg on Saturday night, accompanying alternative group Joywave. Unlike most support shows, though, the crowd was not there for Joywave – they were there for Sir Sly. Despite horribly incovenient L-train shutdowns that made getting to the venue a nightmare, the group was greeted to a full room of fans. Having performed at the start of the summer at Governor’s Ball Festival and a special Gov Ball at Night show as well, New Yorkers have been fortunate with multiple opportunities to witness Landon Jacobs perform live, who is, in my very personal opinion, one of the best live performers in rock right now.

During the show, the aforementioned lead singer Jacobs was as active as his normal self, running and jumping around the stage, and even swallowing the vocal-modulation microphone multiple times for effect. A few times throughout the show, Sir Sly made it a point to tell the equally active crowd that this set was probably the best they’ve ever played in New York, and the best crowd they’ve had here, too.

Check out highlights from the show below, and watch video from their June show at City Winery below the gallery.

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