Gallery: Two Feet @ Brooklyn Steel // 10.27.18

Despite terrible weather and an MTA system that makes it prohibitively difficult to get to the venue, Two Feet’s crowd showed out on Saturday night to watch the rising star perform. On top playing all of the songs from his recently released EP A 20 Something Fuck, he played his two new singles “I Want It” and “Lost The Game.”

Throughout the show Two Feet played his most familiar tunes as well, and similarly to his previous show at Music Hall of Williamsburg, pleased the crowd by playing his debut single “Go Fuck Yourself” twice in a row. He also played “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” during the middle of the set and as an encore, after a crowd poll suggested that was the song they wanted to hear again above all others.

This show was a big step up from his Feburary MHoW show, and Two Feet showed progression in his live set’s visuals, lights, and his own engagement with the crowd. The venues for Two Feet only get bigger from here, and it’s going to be exciting watching what he does next.

Check out photos from the show, along with video of two full song performances below the gallery.

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Special thanks to Sophie Dess and Republic Records for getting Early Bird set up with a ticket and photo pass for the event. 

Video – “Go Fuck Yourself”:

video – “I Want It”:

Listen to Early Bird’s “Two Feet Complete” playlist:

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