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Highlights: Tobi Lou @ Sony Hall

Highlights from Tobi Lou’s opening set at KYLE’s Lightspeed Tour show on Halloween.

Tobi Lou was the surprise of the night on Wednesday at Sony Hall, where he opened for KYLE and Marc E. Bassy on Kyle’s Lightspeed Tour. Tobi Lou had the crowd engaged from the moment he stepped on stage in an inflatable purple fat-suit, which he was somehow able to command while rapping and moving about the stage. The crowd surprised Tobi Lou when singing along to his songs – something he hadn’t expected at all. At the end of his set, Tobi Lou even had the crowd so engaged and connected that he polled them about which song to close with, ultimately landing on “Buff Baby,” his most popular song to date.

With the kind of engagement and crowd interest in Tobi Lou evident at Wednesday’s show, it shouldn’t be long before Tobi Lou starts filling out ballrooms in his own right. Keep an eye on the Chicago-born rapper as he continues to climb through the hip-hop ranks.

Check out highlights from the show in our exclusive gallery:

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