Music Video Monday: COIN “Simple Romance”

COIN’s latest single “Simple Romance” is a step toward a new sound coming in 2019.

This week we highlight COIN’s latest single and music video, “Simple Romance.” The song continues the evolution of COIN as they head toward a new album and 2019 tour that will surely showcase further evolution in sound and feel from their first two albums and worldwide tours.

At the end of the second COIN albumĀ How Will You Know If You Never Try you could hear the band’s sound evolving with “Feeling,” “Miranda Beach,” and “Malibu 1992,” away from a laser focus on light-hearted synth-pop, toward a more alternative-leaning sound featuring more natural instrumentation that fit somewhere between pop and rock.

When COIN released their latest single of 2018, “Simple Romance,” that direction became even more apparent. The almost disco-ey feel of the song was a new for the group, and fans reacted with mixed emotion and opinions. After a few listens and maybe initial rejection, though, the song’s catchiness quickly grows on any listener. Once you’ve shed “what you think you know” about COIN, it’s very apparent that the band’s new direction isn’t going to lose their signature energy, rather, Chase Lawrence & Co. are developing into a more well-rounded act and band as COIN continues to mature. Album three is going to be the best yet – we’re calling it now.

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