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Highlights: Le Youth @ Elsewhere

Photo and video highlights from Le Youth’s make-up show at Elsewhere Hall.

LA-based DJ/producer Le Youth lit up the night at Elsewhere in Brooklyn on Saturday with his DJ set, playing for well over two hours to an excited, Santa-hat-laden crowd. The night of New York’s infamous Santa-Con was a late one, with the set running from 1:00am to nearly 4:00am. The late show didn’t seem to phase fans, though, as they stuck around well beyond the end of the set to hang, drink and dance. Le Youth’s set consisted of his own tracks interlaced with today’s biggest dance bangers, and even some remixed throwback classics like The Bangles’ “Walk Like An Egyptian.”

The show itself was a makeup after Le Youth’s originally slated rooftop set in August was cancelled due to inclement weather the day of the show. This recheduled December show, in Elsewhere’s largest venue, Elsewhere Hall, more than made up for the four-month delay, as both the music and visuals were captivating, incorporating unique backdrop designs and lighting in an array of colors.

Early Bird was given all-access to shoot the show and covered from all over the building. Check out photo highlights and a video recap below! 

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