Before They Break: “Thunder” by SHAED

Before SHAED blew up with “Trampoline,” their song “Thunder” put them on the radar in 2016.

If you don’t know SHAED yet, you probably haven’t been watching much live television.  The three piece band’s song “Trampoline” exploded into the spotlight following a 2018 sync on Apple’s nationally televised Macbook Air commercial. Unfamiliar listeners might assume that SHAED’s big hit was their first great song, but they’d be wrong -SHAED has been around since their 2016 Just Wanna See EP, and that album came loaded with some of their best music to date. Notably, on that EP was their standout song “Thunder.”

The brooding single was an emphatic entrance into the burgeoning electro-pop landscape that was to come, but was overshadowed at the time by 2015-2017’s EDM renaissance, where The Chainsmokers, Kygo and Calvin Harris were dominating the dance pop space. Regardless, for emerging music fans, “Thunder” put SHAED on the radar as a band to watch. Two years later, SHAED is finally getting their moment in the sun with hit single “Trampoline,” which is featured on all of the streaming platforms’ biggest playlists, like Spotify’s “Today’s Top Hits.” The marquee playlist touts more than 23 million followers, and “Trampoline” sits firmly at #10, now having accelerated over the past five weeks to more than 25 million streams globally.

Listen to “Thunder” and “Trampoline”, and follow SHAED on Spotify to never miss a new song or concert.


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