This is a photo of South Alabama native Elley Duhe performing live at Babys All Right in Brooklyn, NY.

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Review: Elley Duhé @ Baby’s All Right

Elley Duhé’s debut show in Brooklyn was backed by the full support of her day-one fans, and she didn’t disappoint them.

Elley Duhé (pronounced ‘dewh-ay’ for anyone unfamiliar) probably didn’t have any idea of what to expect from her crowd on Monday night when she was getting ready for her first-ever show in Brooklyn. That became clear the second the music started and the entire Baby’s All Right audience inched their way closer to the front and began cheering in unison as she walked on to the stage. As she took to the microphone, fans then began singing the words along with the 26-year old, at each turn surprising Duhé and illiciting a beaming smile.

As she ran through her set that included her DRAGON MENTALITY EP (which includes EBM favorite “SAVIOR”) along with her collaborations of “Happy Now” with Zedd and “Tie Me Down” with Gryffin, Duhé’s distinctive vocal style took the crowd by pleasant surprise. Often times, newer acts have less experienced voices that fail to live up to live expectations, but Duhé exceeded hers. Duhé’s performance sounded even better than her records, as the live venue allowed the instrumentals of her tracks to play a sonic complement to her live voice, rather than isolate or overpower it.

Fans certainly noticed: after her set ended  with her first single “Immortal,” Duhé announced she would be sticking around to hang and chat with fans, making herself fully accessible at the stage rather than immediately running off to the merchandise booth or green room. You could see the love shown to her by fan after fan that approached after for a kind word, hug, or general admiration for the show and for her music. Monday night’s crowd at Baby’s All Right was not made up of casual fans, but of Duhé’s day-ones who already love and support her despite her relevantly short time in the spotlight so far. 

Check out highlights in the gallery below, and watch the full live performance of “Happy Now,” her breakout single with Zedd:

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