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Review: Chloe Lilac @ Baby’s All Right

Chloe Lilac’s show on Tuesday had more energy and warmth than ever, as she was able to introduce her own live band to her set.

You’ve probably seen Chloe Lilac on a few “To Watch 2019” lists, including SoundCloud, and Refinery29, if you keep tabs on emerging music. The Brooklyn native has been making waves over the last year-and-change with her synthy bedroom pop that’s “real” to its core, much like Chloe herself. That ability to keep it “real” has resonated with listeners throughout the five boroughs and beyond, as fans showed up to support the young singer as she headlined the Neon Gold Popshop on Tuesday night at Baby’s All Right. 

If you’ve seen a Chloe Lilac show in the last few months, this one may have looked a bit different than you’re accustomed to, because she was finally able to bring along a live band, rather than playing alone on stage and queuing up her songs via an iPad attached to a mic stand. The addition of a drummer and guitarist gave Lilac’s music added warmth and vibrancy that elevated this set above all her others, showcasing the brilliance of Lilac’s songwriting and production capabilities while she serenaded the room without secondary distractions.

Alongside her well-known singles like “Summer” and “Stolen Liquor,” Lilac played all of her three-track Heartbreak Sessions release and her latest single, “Manic Pixie Dream,” which is also the title track of her upcoming debut EP (out everywhere March 8th) through her new record label, RCA.

Despite the relative newness of Heartbreak Sessions and “Manic Pixie Dream“, Lilac seemed completely comfortable on stage introducing them live, and her dedicated fanbase sang along, having already memorized the words. Lilac’s ability to translate her vulnerability in her songwriting shines through while performing on stage, creating a viewing space of where smiles and authenticity are abundant.

Check out our photos from the set:

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