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Cage The Elephant is Back & “Ready To Let Go”

Cage The Elephant’s fifth studio album, ‘Social Cues’ arrives April 19th. Watch the music video for their new single “Ready To Let Go”.

Cage The Elephant has returned in 2019, after a three-year break from making new music in the studio. The wildly successful rock group dropped their newest single “Ready To Let Go” on Thursday alongside the announcement that their fifth studio album, Social Cues, will be blessing our ears on April 19th of this year.

Social Cues has a lot to live up to following Cage’s fourth studio album Tell Me I’m Pretty, which took home a Grammy in 2017 for best rock album. TMIP combined all of the best pieces of their first three studio albums into one, creating a gritty, melodic yet alternative-leaning sound that was as captivating and raw as it was innovative.

If “Ready To Let Go” is an indication, Cage The Elephant is going to mold all of their previous sounds into a new-but-familiar combination with their fifth album. The new single falls somewhere between songs like  “Cold Cold Cold,” (Tell Me I’m Pretty) “Shake Me Down,” (Thank You Happy Birthday) and “Spiderhead” (Melophobia).

Despite the upbeat feel of the song, in true Cage The Elephant form, the music video for “Ready To Let Go” (below) is dimly lit and contains plenty of taboo, cultish imagery. Watching through, it’s almost as though it’s a grittier follow up to the video for “Cold, Cold, Cold” which tells a story of a cult that disguises itself on the surface as an insane asylum.

The connection between the two makes a lot of sense, given that the majority of the material on Social Cues was written during the unravelling of Shultz’s relationship, who also directed the video for “Ready To Let Go.” In order make sense of such a difficult experience, he explored the hidden recesses of his psyche, creating characters to tell different parts of his personal story.

Schultz explained that “it can be a vehicle to act out things that are hard to confront,” and going on to say, “when I’m creating, I try to put myself in a reactive state of improvisational thought. I let images just arise in my mind and wait for it to evoke an emotional response and then when it does, I know I’m on to something…”

Regardless of any speculative connections, fans can be sure that Social Cues will have its own sonic identity, as each of their albums has done to date. No two Cage albums sound the same, which is one of the reasons why Cage The Elephant has had so much success in their decade of relevance among the modern rock elite. They’ve been able to consistently craft taste-making music that pushes rock’s status quo to new heights.

View the new music video for “Ready To Let Go” and the tracklist for Social Cues below:
Social Cues Tracklist:
    1. Broken Boy
    2. Social Cues
    3. Black Madonna
    4. Night Running
    5. Skin and Bones
    6. Ready To Let Go
    7. House of Glass
    8. Love’s the Only Way
    9. The War is Over
    10. Dance Dance
    11. What I’m Becoming
    12. Tokyo Smoke
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Social Cues – Cage The Elephant / © RCA Records 2019
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