This is a photo of Norwegian pop singer Sigrid Solbakk Raabe performing at Brooklyn Steel in New York.

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Review: Sigrid & Rhys Lewis @ Brooklyn Steel

Poor weather didn’t deter fans from trekking out to Brooklyn Steel for Norwegian pop star Sigrid’s sold-out show.

Norwegian pop star Sigrid sold-out Brooklyn Steel last night amidst a raging New York snow storm. Despite the weather, the crowd packed in wall-to-wall for the entire night. Taking comfort in the warmth, fans were able to enjoy sets from UK singer/songwriter Rhys Lewis and London pop duo IDER.

Check out highlights in the galleries below:


Norway’s young pop queen had the crowd before she even stepped on the stage. With a simple backdrop and an endlessly dynamic array of lights, Sigrid alternated songs in her set between highs and lows to keep fans’ emotions rolling and anticipation building. Whether she was opening with “Sucker Punch” and “Schedules,” switching up the tempo with “Dynamite” & “I Don’t Want to Know,” or finishing with an encore performance of her first hit, “Strangers,” she spread her hits throughout the set, keeping fans waiting anxiously (but never for too long) to hear their favorite Sigrid pop anthems.


I walked away from Rhys Lewis’ set with my jaw on the ground and fully ready to hear more. His soulful voice has the ability to be both tender at one moment, then gritty and full of power at the next. Each of his tracks was captivating and kept fans on their toes for what would come next. Would we get another ballad, or would he throw down a bassline and groove with a raspy, rock-tinged song? Lewis stole the early spotlight until Sigrid herself came on over an hour later.

If you aren’t familiar with him, listen to his collection right now while you check out the photos below.

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