This is a photo of rapper Made in Tokyo aka MadeinTYO.

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Highlights: MadeinTYO & Thutmose @ Elsewhere

Thutmose got the crowd hyped and ready for MadeinTYO’s set at Elsewhere.

There’s only one word capable of describing MadeinTYO’s show on Thursday night at Elsewhere Hall – LIT. From top to bottom, this was the most hyped crowd I’ve seen at an Elsewhere show to date.

During the night, Thutmose brought his sing-rapping style to play with all of his fellow Brooklyners, going off-stage to hop in the crowd around a mosh for his turn up songs like “OkOk”, and eventually losing his pinky ring.

Then, on came MadeinTYO. A hyper-animated rapper who loves to jump on stage, throw his hands in the air, and interact with fans, MadeinTYO was taking selfies with their phones and directing fans to create a dancing circle on either side. He mixed in his biggest hits like Ned Flanders and Uber Everywhere alongside bona fide crowd-pleasers from other rappers, like Mo Bamba and Grove St. Party.

Fans were there to see the hype, and MadeinTYO and his entire lineup delivered.

Check out highlights from MadeinTYO and Thutmose’s sets below:



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