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Watch: Noah Kahan is Back with Anthemic Single & Puppy-Filled Video for “Mess”

“Mess” is Kahan’s first single of 2019, off of his upcoming debut album due out this Spring.

Noah Kahan is back with his first single of 2019, “Mess,” ready to build on his impressive 2018.

The new single immediately gives off anthem vibes for the Vermont-native, who sings about being mentally all-over-the-place now that his life has been uprooted as his art has taken him all over the world. It gives a perfectly clear picture of his nostalgia for the simple aspects of life left behind, like weekend trips to visit girlfriends, quiet nights in with friends, and as the lyrics note in the double-chorus, “feeding the dogs.”

The dogs theme carries over into the newly-released music video which features Noah in various locales and environments while on tour, where his only solace comes in the form of remembering his own pets at home vicariously through the dogs he sees while on the road. If you’re into puppies and good music, this video will really tip the scale for you:

Despite the various pit stops Kahan takes throughout the video that most of us will probably never experience, “Mess” is a completely relatable song for anyone who’s had to make a big change in their life that’s taken them away from what they’ve known.

Of the song, Noah explains, “My life has taken a 180° turn. I’m on a very different path than what I thought I would do. I get nostalgic for the locale where I grew up, because the scenery is so beautiful. Going from this to bigger cities and tours is crazy for me. The truth is—regardless of where I’ve gone—my parents still yell at me to pick up the dogs’ shit when I’m back home.”

He continues, “‘Mess’ is a song I wrote during a very overwhelming and generally sad time in my life. Being able to work on this song and bring these feelings to light was a lifeline for me, and I hope it provides you with similar comfort.”

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