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Review: Tritonal @ Terminal 5

Tritonal celebrated their 250th episode of their “Tritonia” radio show with a huge show.

I went in to Thursday night’s Tritonal set with moderate expectations: the show began at 11:30pm on a Thursday, and I didn’t know how many fans would stick around late enough at Terminal 5, which, for a music venue in NYC, is pretty far off the beaten path. What I was greeted to upon arrival was a fully packed crowd, ready to rave with each other on one of Tritonial’s biggest nights, one that I wasn’t even aware of.

For those like myself who aren’t as in-tune with the podcast world, Tritonal runs a weekly music podcast, “Tritonia,” highlighting the best dance music out there, and they’ve been running the show for nearly five years straight. On Thursday, the Texas duo celebrated their 250th (!!) episode while in New York City, having the episode premiere live on Sirius XM in commemoration that day.

Later the same night, Tritonal topped off their cups in celebration with a blowout show at the 3000 capacity venue. I walked away feeling elated and like all of my expectations had been blown away. Tritonal knows how to party, how to keep the energy at a 12, and their song choice was impeccable. These two understood what EDM was all about, and it felt as pure as any demonstration of EDM-expertise as I’ve seen.

The ultra-high energy show resembled something closer to an ongoing Vegas DJ-set with downtempo break songs intersparsed, to allow fans to catch their breath. Songs like “Where’d You Go” by Fort Minor, for instance, took the 128+BPM tempo and throttled things down for quick water breaks every 20-30 minutes.

The light show was exquisite, too, with an endless variety of visuals and strobes to keep the audience wondering what was coming next, making each song and transition feel fresh and like a new moment was being created.

Check out photo highlights from the show below along with Tritonal’s top songs:

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