Watch: NOTD & Felix Jaehn’s “So Close” Music Video

It’s music video Monday! Check out the latest dance hit from NOTD and Felix Jaehn.

Music Video Monday comes around with one of the biggest dance hits of the year, in NOTD and Felix Jaehn’s “So Close” featuring Georgia Ku and Captain Cuts. NOTD released a brand new artist video featuring vertical-video-gone-horizontal of everyone involved in the song – Ku, Captain Cuts, Jaehn, and the NOTD boys – all in behind-the-scenes footage that really personalizes their journeys on the road and in the studio. It stitches together each of their stories and major moments over the last year as one cohesive piece of dance-music gold:

The original music video, shot in Japan, features two strangers who connect after bumping into each other on the streets. Then, they break out into street dancing throughout Japan’s markets and malls.

Just like the song’s lyrics, there are flashbacks to their first introduction where the video started, as the two continue to separate and reconnect throughout the video. If you watch this and wish you knew how to break it down like the two dancerers featured in the video – Shiori Munakata and Yuta Nakamura – we do too.

For more dance music from artists like NOTD, Felix Jaehn, and Captain Cuts, check out Early Bird’s “Dirty Dancing” playlist on your favorite streaming platform:

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