Photo of Bea Miller performing live at Bowery Ballroom on her "Nice To Meet U" Headlining Tour

Bea Miller © 2019 Early Bird Music / Jimmy Michaels

Highlights: Bea Miller @ Bowery Ballroom

Amidst her first headlining tour, Bea Miller sold out Bowery Ballroom for a hometown crowd in NYC.

New Jersey native Bea Miller has been in the spotlight since 2012, after gaining celebrity-status as the unbelievable 13 year-old who placed 9th in the second ever season of Fox’s X-Factor. Fast-forward six years and two full-length albums later, Miller is finally headlining her first tour across North America, and she’s taking it by storm.

Making her sixth tour stop at Bowery Ballroom in NYC, Miller was greeted by fans, family and familiar faces alike, given that she was only a short train ride away from her hometown of Maplewood, NJ. It was immediately evident from second that Queen Bea got on stage that she was born to perform. Dancing and hair-flipping her way around the entire stage, wireless mic in hand, Miller had no hesitations throughout the entire night as she sang songs from her two albums aurora (2018) and Not An Apology (2015).

Miller also took plenty of time to talk with the crowd – to her point, sometimes even trying to get fans back on track so that she could actually perform – but fans would have stayed there until midnight, as long as Bea was around. At just 20 years old, Bea spoke about relatable topics like boys, independence, self-confidence and self-love, all of which her fans were totally connected to.

She even brought tears to her fans and her own eyes, as she slowed the set down for two songs and got close with the crowd. Miller has a tangible emotional connection to each of her songs, happy or sad, and wears them on her sleeve, making for a concert that felt more like it was in front of a group of close high-school friends, rather than a room full of strangers.

Miller wrapped up her set with a small surprise, bringing out producer Mike Sabath to play drums on her latest single “it’s not u it’s me.” She noted, “I feel like this song really perfectly and appropriately started the new era, and there’s only one person on this planet who could make this song as amazing as it is – his name is Mike Sabath and he produced this record.” Mike is also the brains behind the song’s viral break “I wanna lay under the stars and hear the ocean while I’m tal-kin-bull-shit.”

Following the finale, she returned to stage for her final inevitable encore song, her hit collaboration with NOTD, “I Wanna Know.” Spinning her way around stage, Miller encouraged fans to go “completely apeshit” with her, and they happily danced and screamed along.

Check out the video for “it’s not u it’s me” and a full gallery of photo highlights:

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