Highlights: Isaac Dunbar @ Baby’s All Right

Photo highlights and our review of Isaac Dunbar’s incredible first-ever live performance.

16 year-old emerging pop star Isaac Dunbar headlined Indify’s “Red Flag” showcase on Monday night, and blew the room away. It would have been an impressive showcase for someone who’d already played plenty of shows in his lifetime, let alone as a first-ever live performance. It feels as though this night truly allowed Dunbar to “let it out” on stage, and he took the opportunity and ran with it.

During the show, Isaac’s stage presence really shined – he has a very natural flare and instinct for performance which enhances the music itself by adding more emotion and energy to his already well-written songs. Dunbar’s voice was also strong and equally as good live as his records.

With where pop music is headed, there’s no doubt Dunbar is poised to make a splash as one of the most talented young artists to emerge in the last year. His style lives outside of the “bedroom pop” scene and has real potential in the mainstream, especially given his very little relative experience so far and at his young age. As Dunbar matures, his music will take on new forms as well, which is exciting for the pop world. For fans of the emerging pop scene, Dunbar may remind of a more edgy Conan Gray. He can nail a pop ballad, and each song he creates feels modern at every turn.

Dunbar’s debut EP balloons don’t float here drops this July 12th.

Check out highlights from the show in the gallery below:

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