This is a photo of DJ duo Galantis performing at Brooklyn Mirage in New York.

Galantis © 2019 Early Bird Music // Jimmy Michaels

Highlights: Galantis @ The Brooklyn Mirage (34 Photos)

Galantis made New York sweat at The Brooklyn Mirage with a non-stop, fireworks-filled set.

On Friday night, The Brooklyn Mirage packed its walls with a sweaty crowd of 5,000+ for one of the most energetic acts in electronic music, Galantis. The Swedish duo made their way back to New York for the first time since last year’s Gov Ball, where they played an afternoon set in which their impressive visual production was mostly lost on the crowd in daylight.

This time around, Galantis was able to pull out all of the stops, because Brooklyn Mirage was perfectly equipped at 1:30am to handle their fire-and-C02-filled set. Even that late at night, the weather in Brooklyn was near 80 degrees and 100% humidity, but the venue had plenty of misting areas and water to make sure the crowd was able to stay alive amid the heat and sold-out crowd during Galantis set, which is notoriously full-throttle and provides little opportunity to catch your breath.

From the front of the crowd, during the set you could tangibly feel the fire’s heat on your face and body as it erupted from the stage, not just once or twice, but countless times during the show. The duo also brought along their signature five-piece drum kit that they banged on throughout the night, playing virtually every song from their last two albums and each new single since, as the set continued deep into the night and ended after 3:00am.

Visually, the show’s production was a masterpiece, incorporating Galantis’ iconic “Seafox” imagery in its many different faces & forms, along with occasional on-screen lyrics for fans to sing along during some of the duo’s biggest anthems. The lighting at Mirage was perfect from every vantage point, providing unique perspective and visual stimulation over not just the stage, but the entirety of the massive outdoor venue.

Fans who were able to catch Galantis this time around were treated to a truly wild and fun night of raving with the duo who might be the sitting at the top of the list in terms of fun & active shows that you can currently pay to see.

If you didn’t catch the show, check out the gallery below to relive its biggest moments. To make sure you always stay in the loop, you can follow Galantis on Spotify to be notified of any future concerts with pre-sale access codes, and follow us at @earlybirdmusic on Instagram for many other concert pre-sale notices.


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