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Watch: Hero The Band Revive Arena Rock Vibes with “Back To Myself”

The single from the four-piece band from Georgia is our pick fro new song of the week.

Decatur, Georgia isn’t exactly the place you’d expect to find a bubbling rock act, but four-piece outfit Hero The Band aren’t your average band. Made up of four brothers each born a year apart, – Justin Barnett aka Ocean [vocals, lead guitar], Jerramy Barnett aka Goku Love [vocals, bass], DJ Barnett aka BamBam [vocals, drums], and Nick Barnett aka Nicky Jupiter [guitar, keys] – the group have managed to piece together a singular sound that shines in their latest single “Back To Myself.”

Having grown up on rock ranging from Queen to Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Rush, and even The Fray, “Back To Myself” showcases the influences of the brothers Barnett while presenting a fresh sound and alternative facets that makes it stand out among a lot of today’s rock.

© 2019 Republic Records // Photo by Meredith Truax

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