This is a photo of Khalid Robinson performing at Madison Square Garden on July 31, 2019 during his Free Spirit Tour.

Highlights: Khalid @ Madison Square Garden (30 Photos)

21-year old pop R&B superstar Khalid kicked off his first of two nights at Madison Square Garden on his Free Spirit Tour with plenty of energy, running on stage in front of 18,000+ fans with a full dance crew to help him through his first songs, “8TEEN”, “Twenty One” and “Hundred” to get the crowd moving.

Joining along with the choreography throughout the night, Khalid moved freely on stage and didn’t show any signs of nervousness – he truly is born to perform. His voice was as impressive live as any of his recordings, which speaks to its power and depth, and his excellent vocal control.

Despite having been alone on stage for more than half of that time, there was no lull in energy as Khalid’s voice and the overall visual production were compelling enough to command the entire arena’s attention for the show’s full hour and a half, never skipping a beat.

With a giant LED screen behind and an overhanging screen, visuals continued to switch up with the mood of each song, and injected even more life and color into Khalid’s songs and performance that truly made it feel “worth it” to be there the entire time. For his ballads, Khalid even took a seat on a lone stool positioned in the center of the enormous stage, set behind giant dangling ropes that created an added layer of visual appeal during those slower moments.

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