Rynn’s Dark Electro-Pop Single “Nothing Ever Feels Like” Is A Mood

Our take on dream-pop artist and NBC “Songland” contestant Rynn’s latest single off her brand new EP.

At first listen, I’ll be honest – I didn’t think I was in love with Rynn’s latest single “Nothing Ever Feels Like.” But, the beauty of today’s streaming age is you can give something a couple of chances, and test it in different environments or moods, with virtually no effort. Lucky for all of us, Rynn has clearly thought about that and gave us two versions of her latest single off of her newly-released Summer of Tokyo EP.

With a main version of “Nothing Ever Feels Like” along with an alternative “- Night Version,” Rynn presents her latest single in two very different lights. Giving the “Night Version” the first listen, the song shows itself with moderate piano instrumentation, giving the song a particular focus that feels very deliberate and controlled. But it lacks a certain level of emotion, which can be found when subsequently listening to the original version.

All of a sudden, then, the song feels stronger, holding more gravity with its use of synths and heavier electronic bass. The original thusly stands out as a modern electro-pop ballad, fit for times when you’re feeling down or moody, in an almost empowering way. It’s a song worthy of any mood playlist, and if you’re a fan of darker pop, this song has dark roots combined with Rynn’s airy, almost angelic voice, which creates a beautiful contrast.

Rynn’s Tokyo EP is her first 2016’s Nightfires EP and has been in the works since the release of her 2018 single of the same name. We spoke to Rynn about the background of “Tokyo” in an exclusive interview last October:

“It happened on a trip to Japan a couple years ago. There was a bit of a toxic guy relationship, and then I realized that there were a lot of emotional and other issues involved in that. That kind of all blew up at once, and then I was supposed to do a study abroad trip in Japan for a month, so everything fell apart. 

I left for Japan, and basically had a mental breakdown, and bawled my eyes out for a month. I didn’t really talk to any family or friends back home, and the hotel we were staying in didn’t have Wi-Fi or anything connected in the rooms. No Netflix either…

So I basically just listened to one Coldplay album on repeat, cried and reflected on life, and really got into the emotional place of figuring out what went wrong in that relationship, what I wanted, where I wanted to be in life in the future and moving forward. I was very much re-discovering myself in that period of time that I was in Tokyo.”

The entire Summer of Tokyo EP is a fun piece of dream-pop work, with Rynn’s signature songwriting and storytelling. Listen below to the EP which also includes her new song “Like A Dream,” and read the rest of our “Tokyo” interview:

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