This is a photo of Sam 'SG' Lewis performing a sold out show at Brooklyn Steel on Friday 9/6.

Highlights: SG Lewis @ Brooklyn Steel (16 Photos)

SG Lewis returned to Brooklyn for the first time in 2019 to a sold-out Brooklyn Steel. He last performed at the end of September 2018 at Elsewhere, where he sold out two consecutive nights.

While those Elsewhere shows were good, this time around in Brooklyn felt like the birth of a brand new era of SG Lewis Live. Complete with three large LED panels, the show matched Dusk/Dark/Dawn-themed visuals with each song to convey the transitioning moods of the evening, from the uppers of Dusk, to the clubby Dark and the ethereal Dawn.

Brooklyn Steel also afforded SG a proper stage setup that spread out the various band members, leaving room for SG to be front-and-center as opposed to being stuffed in a corner like at Elsewhere. This time, the middle of the stage was open for Sam’s singers to move and shake for the crowd, giving the show some extra energy.

You could tell Sam was having the time of his life during the show, as he was constantly beaming at the crowd’s reactions and the fact that they were singing back every word while dancing non-stop. Every time SG has come to New York, he’s been showered with love and appreciation – NYC loves some SGL.

If SG Lewis is coming to your town, make sure you get out to see it this time around – you won’t regret it. Check out photos from the show in our gallery below.

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