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Highlights: Noah Kahan @ Webster Hall (16 Photos)

Noah Kahan’s first sold-out show on his 2019 headline tour was magical.


On Thursday night, Noah Kahan took Webster Hall by storm on the first sold-out show of his Busyhead headlining tour.

The Vermont-native and Early Bird favorite (we stan) has come a long way since his 2018 headlining show at Bowery Ballroom. Last time around, Zucker’s setup was minimal, only showing the neon “Noah Kahan” sign hanging from the rafters against a black backdrop. For Busyhead, though, the stage was outfitted with a backdrop of sunset-colored mountains whose silhouette took on the color of the track lighting that also graced the back of the setup.

A much more well-lit show than last year, Kahan’s expressive face was in view of the crowd all night as he sung every emotional chord throughout the night. An array of blues pinks and reds fit a variety of moods that the music embodied during the show, giving the folk-artist some added visual appeal. Noah doesn’t move around much during his sets, or away from the mic, so the added visuals, female backup singer and lighting kept fans interested.

During his hit song “Hurt Somebody” the crowd belted each word from the outset, something prevalent throughout the night. Noah’s fans are very dedicated and it showed – even though Noah played “Hurt Somebody” about 3/4 of the way through the set, the crowd didn’t wane, staying through the end of the night.

Faces familiar, new, young and old came out to witness Kahan, who is one of the industry’s outstanding writers. When you listen to Noah’s music live, you understand that every word of every song is his own, telling his story, and that level of authenticity is hard to come by in today’s day and age of co-writers and ghostwriters.

When all is said and done, I think we’re going to look back at Noah Kahan’s music and career in recognition of Noah’s brilliance the way past generations have revered someone like James Taylor – you heard it here first.

Check out photo highlights in the gallery below:
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