Highlights: Conan Gray @ Terminal 5 (17 Photos)

Pop music’s most lovable young prince brought the heat to Terminal 5 on a cold NYC night.

On Tuesday night, fans braved sub-30 degree weather to trek out to Terminal 5 for Conan Gray’s energy-packed show. Gray, a Texas-native, didn’t seem to let the cold change his 110%-all-the-time demeanor, as he flew around the stage in a series of spins, leaps and animated poses.

One thing you notice at any Conan Gray performance is his attachment to the music – the words of these songs are his own. Whether telling stories before each song about close friendships, broken relationships, lust and love, you know that he’s the one who has lived each of these things.

Along with his storytelling both before and through his songs, and his high energy during the set, Gray doesn’t forget to engage his fans, either. He constantly runs up to the edge of the stage, and even sometimes jumping down up against the fan gate to hold his microphone out, urging fans to sing along.

The entire show felt like you were experiencing it alongside Conan and his band, rather than just watching him sing alone up on stage. Without his fans, you can feel that Conan wouldn’t be having fun – so he makes sure they’re in it with him from start to end.

Between all of Conan’s most popular jams, he also threw in a few surprises, including one of Conan’s oldest songs, “I Know A Place,” followed by a brand new yet-to-be-released song “The Story,” (off of his upcoming debut album) and also led into his latest single “Maniac” with a rendition of the Jonas Brothers’ early hit “Burnin’ Up.”

Conan Gray New York City Setlist 11/12/2019 NYC

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