Early Bird Music is a New York-based music blog whose mission is to provide readers and music-lovers an outlet for discovering fresh new music before it goes viral or hits the mainstream. Early Bird is an independently run site, curated by a handful of tastemakers that are tapped into what's "next" on the scene, independent of commercial influence.

When you're highlighting the best new music and artists on the scene, readers are of course introduced to up-and-coming artists and bands. Inherently, though, that means there's often a lack of content or information about those acts lying around the web. Early Bird is here to shine a light on those artists to fill that gap by providing exclusive, in-depth interviews and artist profiles. That means real questions that get into understanding the artist's background and influences - questions that ask about what artists had for lunch won't be found here.

Early Bird prides itself on asking questions that are more interesting, and more original, than the average interviewer would care to ask. By doing my homework and researching artists' backgrounds and prior press before going into the conversation, Early Bird provides more cohesive and conversational interviews for our readers that go deeper, out of respect for the artists' craft, and our readers' time and attention.

Playlist creation is something of an addiction for me, a sort of way to organize my eclectic musical tastes, and a means of differentiating music in ways that aren't always easily described with words.  It's very difficult to describe why one song fits with another on the same playlist, but it's not hard to hear why.

Early Bird creates curated playlists with a meticulous ear, focusing heavily on the "flow" of a playlist from song to song, so that listeners can press play and listen without having to shuffle or jump around. From mood & party playlists to artist discographies, Early Bird covers all of the bases you'll need to meet whatever moment you're having. Listen to any of my playlists, and I hope you'll agree.

One of Early Bird's signature playlists, "TGINMF (Thank God It's New Music Friday), refreshed every Friday, highlights the top newly released music of the week with a curated roundup of tunes. Subscribe via your preferred streaming service, and you'll never miss out on what's new.

Along with interviews and playlists, you'll find everything from new music reviews, recommended concerts in New York, and exclusive concert photos & footage on the site. Early Bird is constantly adding new content, and always has an open ear for new suggestions.

Enjoy, and welcome to Early Bird Music!

- Jimmy Michaels, founder & editor-in-chief

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